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Dye Sublimation offers outstanding photographic quality on a wide range of incentive, promotional, and merchandising items
When you would like to impart the dynamic impressions that only high quality photographic or illustrative reproductions can deliver, then choose the dye sublimation process for your imprinting. With it comes the recognition of quality and the associative reflection on your corporate image. Dye Sublimation’s appeal extends to the personal world, too. You can reproduce high quality likenesses of family and friends, even your own artwork on wearables, drinkables, buttons,
Dye Sublimation — Impress you audience with high resolution full color graphics and photographs on a wide range of items — Shirts and Jackets, Mugs, Signs, Badges, ID Cards, and Gift and Phone Cards. Dye Sublimation can be printed on surfaces that are UV, scratch, stain, and graffiti resistant and water repellant.
Select Dye Sublimation for Image Fidelity and Color Saturation
Dye Sublimation brings color brilliance, saturation, and tonal range to your imagery. Coupled with longevity, you have the formula for making lasting impressions. When considering dye sublimation, the old adage, “What goes in, is what comes out,” holds true. For best results, high quality, original photographs or high resolution digital imagery is required to make the best presentation.
Screen Printing — Take advantage of silk screening economies and flexibility for single-color and multi-color imaging on wearables, signs and beverage containers — even hardhats! — Shirts, Jackets, and Headwear – Caps & Hats, Signs, Screened Sports Bottles, Towels, and Accessories – Towels, and Blankets, Cushions, and Specialty Bags, and Accessories – Duffel Bags, Golf Bags, and Tote Bags.
Specialty Surface Pad-Printing — "Challenging" may be an understatement when textured, porous, and uneven surfaces are at issue. If you find an item to use, but you’re unsure of its printability, call us at 972.754.5995. Golf Balls, Foam Containers and Rough Textured Materials such as coasters and bark are common difficult-to-print surfaces.
Foil Stamping — Impressive and economical mark foil stamping as a distinctive way to personalize presentations and gifts while reinforcing your brand. Deliver impressive impressions on Certificates and Awards, Invitations, Letterheads, Seasonal Cards and Album and Proposal Covers using fine papers, leathers, wood, vinyl, and plastic.
Embroidery — Add carachter, distinction, and the feeling of quality with embroidered Patches, Badges, and Emblems, personalized monograms for your organization’s wearables – including Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Caps, and accessories such as Scarves, Handkerchiefs, and Towels.
Personalized Service for Specialty Products
Take advantage of quick turn-around on custom silk screening and dye sublimation printing and imprinting of your specialty products.
Call or email David Merton to promote your image and build your brand.   Image!Mart Dallas  972.754.5992  david@imagemartdallas.com